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Keep up with the medical literature can be a full time job.

But we can make a long scientific article a quick and agile reading, in a matter of a click.

And that’s only the beginning!



The service will run on of medical literature and adjacent fields. Relevant material is identified by the search engine, then aggregated and composed by the service. At a request from the doctor, e.g. "diabetes, kidneys, saturated fats", the service:

·       searches the database by filtering scientific articles and databases relevant;

·       classifies the results on the basis of various parameters (eg. methodological value, citations, impact factor) applied to the research;

·       aggregates the results in the form of, for example, sample size, correlations, experimental methodologies;

·       produces a rapidly searchable output, listing the sources on which the analysis is was conducted to draw up an effective overview on which to plan an update.



Epitomea srls

Vat number: 01803200623



Phone number: +393497433704

Via Collepiano, insediamento produttivo 3 (Startup Europa Lab)

Torrecuso (BN) - Italy

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